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Quality affordable dog and cat grooming

Pretty Pets

Happy Pets

What a better gift to give your pet than clean skin and mat free fir! At Best Vet we will restore the comfort to your pet and leave them looking great.

Please come in for a wonderful spa treatment and have your pet go home with a beautiful hair cut too.

Bath Only

At Best Vet we offer several bath options:

Spa Bath: bathed by groomer (included in all grooms) includes a specialized cleanser bath, ear cleaning, expressing of anal glands (dogs), and nail trimming

Standard Bath: bathed by kennel staff includes ear cleaning and nail trimming

Flea Bath: bathed by kennel staff includes ear cleaning and nail trimming

Quality Grooming

Attention to detail

At Best Vet we groom small to large dogs and cats…we even provide sedate grooms for pets with special needs.

If you have any special requests or concerns please address them when dropping off your pet so we can be sure to meet all of your needs and provide you with a beautifully groomed pet.

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Our groomers set their own prices based upon the size of your dog, cut you desire and condition of your pet’s fur, along with the demeanor of your pet.  If desired, they can give you an estimated price for your pet’s groom upon dropping them off for styling or you can stop by for an estimate when the groomer in available.

Full grooming starts at $55

Spa baths start at $35 (dogs) & $42 (cats)

For additional pricing estimates please call: 561-737-7773